3-in-1 Auto Brow Definer
Three-in-one brow definer with an angled-tip pencil for definition, brow powder with sponge tip to fill in the sparse areas and a spoolie brush to to blend out harsh line. Features 3-in-1 brow tool with a retractable brow pencil, a...
Gel Auto-pencil Ultra-Slim Precision Water proof Eyeliner
Creamy gel eyeliner with a 1.5mm of ultra-precise tip and easy to use for a defined finish. Features  Retractable tip designed for easy use without a sharpener Super slim gel eyeliner pencil features a 1.5mm ultra-fine lead tip for perfect...
BEAUTITUDE Super Slim Auto Brow Definer
Brow definer with 1.5mm super slim and oval shaped tip of hard formula for various eyebrow looks Features Ultra-fine tip of optimal hardness for ultimate precision Oval shaped tip for detailing, defining and filling in brows Easy application for any...
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